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16 year old girl passionate about design and illustration.
Lover of cute surreal creatures.

All work created by me. For enquiries or to commission work, please email me at

jamie-catt said: Your works are lovely! Glad I stumbled upon your blog. :)

Glad you did cutie! Thank you so much!! ^^

katnomatterwhat said: Hey! I am new here so i started following you today. I really admire your work. You 're so talented!!! I love drawing. But I can't find the inspiration i need to draw something good... Hope i 'll find that little somethin' soon. Again, nice work!!!♥♥


Thank you very, very much, I’m so glad you appreciate my work!

I guess everyone has that feeling you’re talking about sometimes, but it always goes away unexpectedly and inspiration comes again!

So don’t worry about it, soon you’ll find something that inspires you (for example, things in nature or events that happen in your daily life) and you’ll be able to draw lovely things again!

Have a nice day! ^-^